Dual Cleaning Tank Systems

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Branson IC1216

Tank Size: 450 x 300 x 300mm
36 Litres

Acoustic Sound Enclosure

Sonifier® 250CE (450) Analogue

B1800 Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner

Tank Size: 140 x 150 x 100mm 1.9 Litres


A range of industrial quality double compartment systems for high standards of cleaning driven by Branson generators.

The double compartment design provides high intensity ultrasonic activity in the first stage removing contamination from the item being cleaned.

The item is then transferred to the rinse stage, with a weir overflow, ensuring the high cleaning standard. Each tank is fitted with inlet and outlet connections for ease of installation and operator working.

A choice of either 25kHz or 40kHz operating frequencies and heated versions are available in each of the four sizes.

Branson generators are designed with "state of the art" components for high efficiency ultrasonic action.

  • Minimum space requirements.
  • Made in high grade stainless steel (tanks grade 316, external covers grade 304).
  • Fully automatic generators
  • Choice of operating frequency.
  • Option of heated versions.
  • Range of four sizes.
  • Water inlet/outlet connections.
  • Free standing or mountable design.
  • Full service back-up.
  • Simple for operator use.
  • High cleaning standard.
  • Low running costs.

Branson units are covered by the Branson Worldwide 2 Year guarantee.

Type Number


Length x Height x Height (mm)
Internal           Overall

Tank Capacity Heating
Generator Type
D80-25-6 25 254 x 203 x 254 740 x 460 x 485 9 Litres 600W B8525-12
DH80-25-6 25
D80-40-6 40 B8540-12
DH80-40-6 40
D126-25-12 25 365 x 229 x 305 790 x 510 x 585 18 Litres 1150W B8525-12
DH126-25-12 25
D126-40-12 40 B8540-12
DH126-40-12 40
D240-25-18 25 508 x 305 x 406 940 x 610 x 735 50 Litres 2300W B8525-18
DH240-25-18 25
D240-40-18 40 B8540-18
DH240-40-18 40
DF450-25-36 25 635 x 457 x 457 1240 x 838 x 685 100 Litres 2875W B8525-36
DHF450-25-36 25
DF450-40-36 40 B8540-36
DHF450-40-36 40

Cleaning Solutions

Bransonic B8800 Tabletop

Tank Size: 495 x 290 x 150mm 20 Litres

B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
The perfect size for jewellery
and optical devices
Tank Size: 170 x 90 x 50mm
0.5 litres