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Sonifier® 250CE (450) Analogue

Sonifier® Accessories

Branson IC1216

Tank Size: 450 x 300 x 300mm
36 Litres

Acoustic Sound Enclosure



A range of industrial quality ultrasonic cleaning tanks driven by Branson generators. Ultrasonic Transducer elements bonded to the underside of the base provide high intensity cleaning energy within the cleaning medium. 

A choice of two operating frequencies are available, 25kHz for difficult metal cleaning applications, 40 kHz for medical, circuit board and other sensitive applications.

The tanks can be supplied with thermostatically controlled heaters to maintain optimum cleaning liquid temperature. Both tanks and generators are continuously rated, ensuring long production life with minimum down time.

Both 25kHz and 40kHz
Branson generators are designed with "state of the art" components for high efficiency ultrasonic action.

All Branson units are covered by the Branson Worldwide 2 Year guarantee.

  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel (tanks grade 316, external covers grade 304).
  • Choice of operating frequency, 25kHz or 40kHz.
  • Tanks and Generators continuously rated for heavy duty operation.
  • Range of 4 tanks sizes, heated or non heated.
  • Can be fitted into existing worktops for flush fitting.
  • Full service back-up.
  • Stainless steel work baskets to suit each tank size. Threaded stainless steel input and output connections.
  • High efficiency cleaning.
Type Number Heating


Length x Height x Height (mm)
Internal           Overall

Tank Capacity
Generator Type
T80-25-6 500W 25 254 x 203 x 254
(13 Litres)
406 x 359 x 381 9 Litres B8525-12
TH80-25-6 25
T80-40-6 40 B8545-12
TH80-40-6 40
T126-25-12 1000W 25 356 x 229 x 305
(24.9 Litres)
508 x 410 x 432 18 Litres B8525-12
TH126-25-12 25
T126-40-12 40 B8540-12
TH126-40-12 40
T240-25-18 2000W 25 508 x 305 x 408
(62.75 Litres)
660 x 460 x 533 50 Litres B8525-18
TH240-25-18 25
T240-40-18 40 B8540-18
TH240-40-18 40
TF450-25-36 3000W 25 635 x 457 x 457
(132.6 Litres)
787 x 584 x 685 100 Litres B8525-36
THF450-25-36 25
TF450-40-36 40 B8540-36
THF450-40-36 40

Cleaning Solutions

B8800 Tabletop Ultrasonic

Tank Size: 495 x 290 x 150mm 20 Litres

B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
The perfect size for jewellery and optical devices
Tank Size: 170 x 90 x 50mm
0.5 litres